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Need a winning strategy that improves market position and increases profitability?

Sustaining a profitable business requires understanding the short and long term factors that affect your company and its industry. Our consultants help you look at your business and its competitive position. We facilitate the process to generate a winning strategy and translate it into operational goals and initiatives.


We then provide you with a coherent performance management system so you can successfully manage your strategy well throughout the fiscal year.

Our Approach

A6 is a holistic management approach that brings organizational leaders and teams together to ensure direction, alignment, and efficient use of resources to achieve their mission and vision through measurable actions.

For effective implementation, our planning process:


•   Develops leaders and managers who are teachers

•   Aligns work to the value chain

•   Reports metrics at the business level

•   Builds strategies after analyzing the value chain, its metrics, and goals

•   Lets metric improvement needs pull for project creation

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